• Everyday is a fresh start quote lettered into a blank page bullet journal notebook cute bujo stationery

    Design Ideas for Calendar Elements on Your Bullet Journal

    If you ever find yourself wondering how to enhance the time elements on your bullet journal, you've come to the right place. We've got several examples that will surely inspire your creativity and make full use of your bullet journal stationery.


  • Pastel color bullet journal supplies on a white table like pencils, highlighters, post its, flags and colored paper.

    Are Aesthetic Notes Effective? 100 Yes!

    The digital age might be in full swing, but note-taking will never cease to exist. Here are some of the advantages of aesthetic note taking.
  • anxiety post it notes

    Does Bullet Journaling Help With Anxiety?

    Bullet journaling may be used by people who get overwhelmed by everyday tasks.

    This can help them feel more organized and less stressed about the little things in life. 

  • lined paper journal blog

    Can You Bullet Journal On Lined Paper?

    In short, yes, you can bullet journal on lined paper. You don't have to switch to another medium or change anything about the way you're writing if it works for you as is.
  • 8 Ways to make Journaling a Fun Habit with bullet journal supplies from a cute stationery shop

    8 Ways to make Journaling a Fun Habit

    Start by picking up a nice journal or notebook that you'll enjoy writing in, and  that you like the look of - it can be anything from a simple notebook to a beautiful leather-bound journal
  • dark blue alarm clock on top of white table beside the glass window with white vase green plant timers for bullet journal tools

    Our 5 Best Study Timer Picks

    We examine five of the best study timers to help with the Pomodoro technique.

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    12 Cute Desk Accessories So You Can Make Your Desk Space Even Cuter

    It's important to have a work area that inspires you. It's a place where you get things done, be creative and productive. So how can you make sure that you love the look of your desk space?
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    What does ‘kawaii’ mean?

    Urban Dictionary defines kawaii as “an adjective in Japanese meaning " pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet" It's stem is two kanji meaning "can love.” But, it means a lot of things for a lot of people.