Can You Bullet Journal On Lined Paper?

Yes, You Can.

In short, yes, you can bullet journal on lined paper. You don't have to switch to another medium or change anything about the way you're writing if it works for you as is.

One may use a ruler to draw lines, boxes, or create a grid on lined paper. A ruler will help you avoid over-complicating your layout and also ensure that all of the elements on each page are aligned properly. If you want to keep things looking neat and tidy, this is a good way to do it.

What Kind of paper can I use for Bullet journaling  in general ?

You can use any kind of paper, really. 

If you want to use lined paper, though, it's going to make your life easier when you need to draw lines that are straight.

When you use lined paper for your bullet journal, you can easily transfer the information to a sheet of lined paper when you're going through your notes.

Using lined paper for your bullet journal can be a good way to get started and keep it simple. Lined paper makes it easy to write down the important things and helps you keep track of where you are in your notebook, without having to worry about how the pages are going to look when they're all filled up.

However, if you’d still want to use a spiral notebook or some other kind of blank paper? Go for it! 

Dots and Grids

You may use dots and grids if you're looking to draw your own boxes and tables.

Some people may like having the option of both dot grid and lined paper in their bullet journal because sometimes you want to write in straight lines and other times you may want to draw boxes around tasks or make lists of things.

Why Do People Prefer Dotted Paper for Bullet journaling?

Dotted paper can give you total freedom; Want to draw or write in a circle? There are no real limits with dotted paper, but there is still a bit of a guide compared to a totally blank page.

The grids on the dotted paper are handy if you want both vertical and horizontal lines—but a steady hand and ruler can often suffice should you want a vertical line for some reason.


You can write in your bullet journal with colored pencils.

You can use colored pencils to write in your bullet journal. They are easy to find, cheap and replaceable, easy to clean, and easy to sharpen.

Colored pencils are excellent for writing in a bullet journal because they have many uses. They can be used for coloring, writing text or even drawing letters on lined paper!

Colored pencils can be a decent medium for writing on lined paper because they're versatile enough to work with different types of surfaces.

In The End It’s Not the Notebook, It’s The Value You Put Into It.

It's not about the notebook. It's about what you get out of using the notebook.

The beauty of the Bullet Journal system is that it doesn't matter what kind of notebook or paper you use. The Bullet Journal system is based on your needs:
if you want to write your daily tasks in a lined notebook because it makes them easier for you to read and write down, that's perfectly fine!
And, If you prefer to use blank paper because it lets your creativity flow more freely, that's just as good too!

What really matters is what YOU get out of using the Bullet Journal system. What works for one person may not work for another—So choose whatever notebook or paper choice feels right to YOU.

The whole point of a bullet journal is to make your life easier; if you don't like how something feels or looks in your hand or on your desk, it doesn't matter—you may stop using it with time.

If you love the way it feels when you open up your notebook and see all those pretty little dots and lines waiting for you to fill them with important things, then use them!

The advice that I’d give is keep it simple; making it complicated, or thinking more for how it looks rather than what it provides may distract you from getting the gist of why you started a bullet journal in the first place.

If it were up to me (and I’m absolutely no ideal person to follow, but just for emphasizing the aspect of simplicity) I’d use a simple notepad, and write the stuff neat and clearly. I’d write points that are easy to read, and easy to understand.

The Downside of Focusing heavily on buying Expensive and Fancy Accessories for bullet journaling

Bullet journals are all about personalization, but that doesn't mean you have to buy expensive notebooks and accessories in order to make it work for you.

It may take you some time before you figure out that buying fancy, expensive notebooks and other accessories may just frustrate your tendencies, if you're a perfectionist.


We hope you found this article helpful. Bullet journaling is a great way to organize your thoughts and stay on track with work. It doesn't matter if you're using lined paper or not, as long as it helps you accomplish your task without making it overwhelming.

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